PolyArmor Insulation

Introduction to PolyArmor

PolyArmor insulation is a closed-cell foam, jacketed inside and out with a highly durable polyurea coating making it extremely durable against impact and piercing. The PolyArmor Insulation line is made to operate in temperatures from -85ºF (-65ºC) to 350ºF (176.7ºC) and has R values ranging between 10 and 12 for 2” thickness.  It is indefinitely a step up from the industry status quo of mineral wool. 

Why Use PolyArmor?

Poly-Armor is extremely durable, to the point that it will stand up to heavy foot traffic and impacts.  It will not will not crack or lose integrity due to exposure to inclement weather or long-term operating conditions within the given design temperature parameters. It will not absorb moisture, so it never loses its R-Value. Over-all it has between a 20% to 30% higher R-Value rating than mineral wool based on the same thickness. It can be designed to accommodate any internal or external dimensions or overall thickness the customer requires. There is a significant reduction in the cost of labour to install due to the fact any operations personnel can install it.

Listed above just scratches the surface of the benefits and applications of PolyArmor Insulation. Ask us if there is a fit for our product within your business or operations.