Lightning Prevention



ZKO Industries has for over 15 years striven to introduce new and innovative concepts to the Alberta and Western Canadian markets.

A prime example of this are the lightning and static prevention products that we distribute and also install. These unique products are based on technology that dates back to research done by Tesla himself. Though this product is relatively new to the Canadian market, it has been commercialized and field proven since the early 70’s.

Why Use Lightning Prevention

Our technology works to prevent your facility from being struck by lightning. This protects your personnel, your assets and your revenue stream. Losses due to lightning strikes in Canada result in nearly 5 billion in damages and lost revenue yearly. However, we go further than that, we also protect your facility from static buildup which can also cause catastrophic loss.

Ask us how for a minimal cost we can protect you. Let us take the threat out of our weather with our streamer delaying technology, our static mitigation equipment and our state-of-the-art grounding solutions. Our products have been and are utilized in every aspect of the hydrocarbon industry along with telecommunications, airports, hospitals, bridges, massive oil storage tanks, offshore rigs etc.